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Vol 1 #1: Aug '96: Letters From Your Heart; Coming Home (Kymís journey from business to staying home); PARENTING POWER The Foundation; ADOPTION Thinking about Adoption; TEENS Passing On Harvard; Life on Schedule; HERB 101 Becoming the Family Herbalist; Keeping up with the Jonesí; ADOPTION Miracle of Morgan; When Daddy Travels.

Vol 1 #2: Nov '96: Life Influencers; Respect; PARENTING POWER What Pushes Your Buttons?; ADOPTION HomeStudy and Kymís Experience; Infertility... and God; Literature: Literacy or Legacy?; Rising Early; HERB 101 Natural Pregnancy; Home Hair Cutting; A Medical Couple Looks at Godís Family Planning; Families ... like Quilts; The Hospitable Home; I Donít Know How You Do It!; Cows; FOOD Milk; Cheesemaking & Recipes

Vol 1 #3: Feb '97: Letters From Your Heart; A Joyful Mother; PARENTING POWER Obedience; Whoís In Charge Anyway?; ADOPTION Consents; Breast Infections; Straight Talk; Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary; Maleís Hair Cut; Childrenís Chores; Choosing Contentment; HERB 101 Mommy Diagnostics; Ready for a Baby; Million Dollar Family; Dealing with Loneliness; SuperMom!

Vol 1 #4: May '97: Front Porch Swing; Country Chic!; PROVERBS 31 Her Children Rise Up and Call Her Blessed; From Your Heart; PARENTING POWER Responsibility; First Things First!; ADOPTION Birth Fatherís Rights; Why Adopt?; Pregnant With #10!; Learning To Trust: Mom of 11; Mothering on Purpose; Childrenís Chores Pt 2; Blank Chore Chart; Internet & Heart; DECOR Cheap Dec! & Painting Verdť; HERB 101 PMS: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome: What Is It?

Vol 2 #5: Aug '97: FRONT PORCH SWING Bits ĎN Pieces; MEN Behind Every Successful Mother: Survival; PARENTING POWER Discerning Vital Life Principles: MARRIAGE Mate Maintenance; ADOPTION Biracial Adoption; His Way; Infertility: Desire of My Heart; Private Decisions; Color Blind; Autumn Garden; Our Family of 14 Children; How Can We Trust God More For Family Planning?; Lavish Living; Kitchen ShortKuts; Our New Kitchen; Female's Blunt HairCut; CRAFT Garlic Bag; Pattern Notebooks; Older Siblings; HERB 101 Staying Home While Sick; UNIT YAK Library: @ Your Service, Onsite & Form; NEW UNIT Bird Unit Study.

Vol 2 #6: Nov '97: MEN A Higher Education; FRONT PORCH SWING: Family Life; From Your Heart; PARENTING POWER Spanking: Corporal Punishment; MARRIAGE Wiring 101; ADOPTION Adoption Concerns; Discussing Adoption with our Children; His Queen; My King; Infertility...& God; HERB 101 Blending Natural & Modern Medicine; From Vice President to Play Dough Mom; CRAFT Scrunchies; Altering a Belted Bathrobe; Taking Children's Measurements & Forms; Birthday Form.

Vol 2 #7: Feb '98: MEN Dealing with Disappointment; FRONT PORCH SWING Family Fun; PARENTING POWER Capturing Their Heart; MARRIAGE Wiring 102; ADOPTION Open & Closed Adoption; Dominoes!; Mother's Peace; From Australia; Finding Time for Yourself; FOOD Baking Bread & Recipes; Orange Raisin Bread; Meal Preparation; Chicken Dishes; Incubating Eggs; Shutting Down the Complaint Department.

Vol 2 #8: May ‘98: MEN Faith; FRONT PORCH SWING A Home Much Loved; PARENTING POWER Capturing Their Heart; CHARTING A LIFE COURSE; ADOPTION Adoption ‘98: Double Blessing; More Children?; HERB 101 Giving Thanks in All Things - Even Illness; EATING BETTER The Course & Recipes; PRESCHOOL Preschool Basket; School Time-Management & Form; Journey to Contentment; DECOR Decorating Notebook; If We Listen.

Vol 3 #9: Aug ‘98: MEN The Dinner; FRONT PORCH SWING Catching Up; From Your Heart; PARENTING POWER Capturing Their Heart: The Harvest; CHARTING A LIFE COURSE, Pt 2; HERB 101 When Baby Dies in Your Womb; EATING BETTER Recipe Experimentation & Recipes; The White Stuff vs the Brown Stuff & Recipes; FOOD Beef Dishes; Tips & Tricks; EDUCATION Creating Creativity; More Fun Stuff Ideas!; Once Upon A Time: Child Abuse; A Love for our Children; PROVERBS 31 Trust; "Spoil"; BOOKS Why are Good Books So Important; The Rest Can Wait; REVIEW Women: Living Life on Purpose

Vol 3 #10: Nov ‘98: MEN Setting Goals with Children; PARENTING POWER: Guarding Their Heart; CHARTING A LIFE COURSE, Pt 3; HERB 101 Garden of Health; EATING BETTER Making Good Better & Recipes; Faith: A Short Story; Growing In Grace; Sickness/Health; PRESCHOOL Literature: Whatsoever Things are True; Schooling Many; One Man's Twaddle/ Another Man's Tweasure; EDUCATION School Organization; The Wall; Committed or Obligated? NEW UNIT Botany; Joys of Staying Home; Ambassador of Motherhood

Vol 3 #11: Feb ‘99: FRONT PORCH SWING Moving & Change; PARENTING POWER Mighty in Spirit; CHARTING A LIFE COURSE Adolescence; Mark’s Comments; EATING BETTER From White to Whole & Recipes: Unraveling the Complexities of Whole Grains & Recipes; HERB 101 Longing for an Open Womb; ADOPTION Adoption Notes; EDUCATION Homeschool Organization; Connected on the ‘Net; Correspondence College; Blessing & Dressing; Journal Entry; Counting the Cost; HIS WORD/MY HEART Home & Ministry

Vol 3 #12: May ‘99: MEN Coming Home ... Again; FRONT PORCH SWING Quiet Life; PARENTING POWER Joyful In Spirit; Children-Blessing; EATING BETTER Y2K & Beyond & Recipes; HERB 101 Hyperchilderemia; ADOPTION Interstate Adoption; Biological & Adopted Kids; Gentle Beauty; EDUCATION Preparation & Organization: Keys to Success; SPECIAL TREASURES Homeschooling Special Needs Children; From Dean to Mom; The Professional Woman I Married; Decor Decorate Child’s Space; UNIT YAK Proverbs 31 Memorization; A Word Kindly Spoken

Vol 4 #13: Aug ‘99: MEN Standing Watch; FRONT PORCH SWING Progress; CHARTING A LIFE COURSE Adolescence; EATING BETTER Four Food Storage Plans & Recipes; REVIEW Sue Gregg’s New Book; HERB 101 Menopause; FITNESS Family Fitness Fun; PREGNANCY Nausea Remedies; FOOD Healthy Granola; ADOPTION International Adoption; Adoption & Others; The Wait; Growing in Grace; Is the Husband Enough?; "The Waltons" Revisited; Classified Ads; Press On; Letting Go; PROVERBS 31 A Woman of Virture; G.E.R.M. Warfare!

Vol 4 #14: Nov Ď99: MEN Maintaining the Covering While Daddy Travels; FRONT PORCH SWING Moving, Again; PARENTING POWER I Will; Fatherís Blessing; Is the Husband Enough? Pt 2; EATING BETTER Grain Mills & Recipes; HERB 101 Immuno-Woes; ADOPTION Teen Birthmothers; Wrong Reasons to Adopt; Babies Come in Many Ways; Submitting: Writing Your Story; Quilting 101; Bring Your Heart Home; Smiley Face: Duplicity in Mood; Older Mom; She Rises Before Dawn, to Pray; CREATION SCIENCE Where Do We Go From Here?

Vol 4 #15: Feb Ď00: MEN Equipping for Excellence; FRONT PORCH SWING Working Women; PARENTING Dating/Courtship Parameters; Settling Family Convictions; EATING BETTER Pastry Grains & Recipes; HERB 101 Healthier Children; ADOPTION Baby Grace; FITNESS Regaining Pre-Pregnancy Figure; REVIEW Managers of Their Homes; Time Management; Beginning  Scrapbooking; UNIT YAK Making Units Yours; UNIT YAK Psalm 91 Memorization; Flower Arranging & Wreaths; BOOKS; Learning Takes Humility

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Vol 4 #16: May Ď00:
MEN Discernment: Helping your children discern the hand of God; FRONT PORCH SWING Doing It Again; PARENTING POWER The Family Pow-Wow; Whoís In Control?; How Do I Get My Husband to Lead?; EATING BETTER Quick Bread & Recipes; HERB 101 Too Tired to be Exhausted?; ADOPTION Getting Started in Adoption; Finally ... Children; TIPS & TRICKS Moving; Foster Parenting; Building up the Dreams in a Child; Homeschooling with Preschoolers; Titus 2:4-5 What does it really mean?; Honoring My Husband; Why We Homeschool - This issue is available as a free sample. Click here to download!

Vol 5 #17: Aug Ď00: FRONT PORCH SWING The Year of the Heart; PARENTING POWER Music & Our Children; EATING BETTER Brown Rice & Recipes; HERB 101 Defeating Depression Naturally; ADOPTION Protecting Yourself; FOSTER PARENT Taking the First Step; SCIENCE Chemistry; To Vaccinate or Not?; TIPS ON TRIPS Stretch Travel Dollar; Unequally Yoked; LifeGuard Mom; Love Letter; Chemistry; Dissection; FOOD Autism, PDD & Celaic Disease; Recipes; UNIT YAK Unit Study Answers from Authors; BOOK REVIEW Women: Living Life on Purpose

Vol 5 #18: Nov Ď00: MEN Shepherding; SPECIAL TREASURES Count Your Blessings; PARENTING POWER Basketball, Football & Music; Coaching Tight; EATING BETTER Thanksgiving Favorites & Recipes; HERB 101 Defeating Depression, Pt 2; Candida Yeast; ADOPTION Trusting the Creator; An Adoption Story; FOSTER PARENT Before the First Child Comes; TIGHTWAD Re-use Trash; Shepherdís Crook; Children ... a Gift; Spiritual Housecleaning; Wright Photo Gallery

Vol 5 #19: Feb Ď01: FRONT PORCH SWING Serving Others; MARRIAGE Unsaved Husbands; Music for Moms; EATING BETTER Whole Grain Crepes & Recipes; HERB 101 ADD / ADHD; Bed-Wetting; Candida Questions; Weigh Down Update; ADOPTION Loving Baby Doe; FOSTER PARENT Available Resources; TIGHTWAD Resolutions; Rising Early & Time with Husband: Praying for My Dream House; SPECIAL TREASURES Special Children & Special Moms; Tag-A-Long Meals & Recipes; Recipes; Baby Showers; BOOKS

Vol 5 #20: May Ď01FRONT PORCH SWING Good-bye; PARENTING POWER An Engagement Story; PARENTING POWER Friends! Really?; EATING BETTER Pasta Salad Italian & Recipes; HERB 101 Cancer Prevention Tips; Cook Book; ADOPTION Keeping Our Arms Open; FOSTER PARENT Becoming Your Childís Advocate; Adopting Your Foster Child; Sincerely Wondering; TIGHTWAD Frugal & Organized; Magazines; House & Garden; Womenís Dressing; Breathe: A Miracle; SPECIAL TREASURES IEP: easy as PIE

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Vol 6 #21: Feb 05: Some Answers: A Love Letter; E-World; FRONT PORCH SWING Catching up with the Wrights; EATING BETTER Whole Grains & Recipes: 2-Stage Process; FOOD Whole Wheat Bread & Recipes; Moms Mentoring Moms; TEENS Grace in Teen Relations; WEEKLY WAKEUP Values; Empowering the Pastorís Wife; Adoption: ADOPTION My Spiritual Journey; ART Teaching Art at Home; UNIT YAK Making Unit Studies Yours; CREATION SCIENCE Why is it So Important?; Science Activities for Children; TEENS Americaís Junior Miss; Keepers at Home

Vol 6 #22: April 05: MEN Husband, Father, Protector: Destroyer of Lies; FRONT PORCH SWING Purring & Italy; EATING BETTER Dairy Dilemma & Recipes; Bread-U-Cation & Recipes; TEENS Awakening Love Too Soon; PASTOR'S WIFE The Joy of Motherhood; The Expert Enabler; ADOPTION Finding Agreement when You Long to Adopt; ART Why Teach Art: UNIT YAK Making Unit Studies Yours Part 2; The Value of Informal Learning; TEENS Coming Out of My Shell; More Italy Photos

Vol 6 #23: June 05: MEN Pulling Back / Pulling Close; FRONT PORCH SWING Do This; EATING BETTER Whole Grain Fiber & Recipes; The Social Needs Child; TEENS Lessons from Samson & Delilah; Behind the Scenes Ministry; Bartering: An Inside Look at a Dynamic Feminine Practice; ADOPTION Living with "No"; ART Purchasing an Art Curriculum; UNIT YAK Making Units Yours Part 3; Rewards of Volunteering: The Congressional Awards

Vol 6 #24: Aug 05: MEN Boys will be Boys; FRONT PORCH SWING President of the Social & Fitness Club; My Son is Learning to Cook!; UNIT YAK; Online Forum; The Important; EATING BETTER Coconut Oil & Recipes; FOOD Choosing Healthy Oils & Recipes; FOOD A Year of Cooking; TEENS Words & Attitudes Matter; PASTOR'S WIFE Forgiveness; PROVERBS 31 Trust; ADOPTION The Home Study; 1 Corinthians 13 for Busy Moms; ART Supplies & Materials; UNIT YAK Making Unit Studies Yours Pt 4

Vol 6 #25: Oct 05: MEN Enemy at the Gate: Overseeing your Wife in Perilous Times; FRONT PORCH SWING Raising Boys & Girls to be Grown Men & Women; FOOD Kelsey's Recipes; FOOD Eating on the Run & Recipes; PROVERBS 31 A Woman of Virtue; TEENS The Male Hormone Question; At-Home Mom; ADOPTION The Role of Friends; ART Age Level Criteria; All About Lap Books; Books on Tape, Not just for the Blind; Unconventional College Credit; Meeting the Needs of Homeschoolers; UNIT YAK Making Unit Studies Yours Pt 5; Weekly Wakeup with Kym Wright

Vol 6 #26: Dec 05: MEN The Worth of a Mom at Home; FRONT PORCH SWING Christmas Traditions & Holiday Baking; FOOD Sweet Holiday Memories & Recipes; PROVERBS 31 An Excellent Wife; Christmas Preparation; TEENS Sharing our Failures; To The Wonderful Friends in My Circle; PASTOR'S WIFE Seasons; ADOPTION Private vs Agency Adoption; WEEKLY WAKEUP Her Heart; ART Teaching Preschool Art; UNIT YAK Family Unity in Studies; MINI UNIT Claude Monet; CREATION SCIENCE This Means YOU!; TEENS Making My World a Better Place

Vol 7 #27: Feb 06: Wright Family Foto; MEN Overseeing a Busy Momís Life; FRONT PORCH SWING Catching up & Cruise; FOOD Soup Makes the Meal! & Recipes; PROVERBS  31 Spoil; BOOK REVIEW SoundBites from Heaven; TEENS Self Esteem & Real Love; ADOPTION Promises; WEEKLY WAKEUP Home Atmosphere; ART Teaching with Authority; UNIT YAK Birds; MINI UNIT van Gogh; Creating a Vision: Gift of Goals; EDUCATION Library Organization; TEENS Finding Your Voice

Vol 7 #28: April 06: FRONT PORCH SWING Potting Places & Lesson Plans; Homemade Marshmallows; Unit Yak; Online Forum; Weekly Wakeup with Kym Wright: PRESCHOOL Toddlers; WEEKLY WAKEUP Training Up; Women: Living Life on Purpose; ORGANIZE Bathroom Brush-Up; FOOD Easter Traditions & Recipes; TEENS Communicating & Pursuing Purity; PASTOR'S WIFE Pillars of Influence; PROVERBS 31 She Does Him Good; ADOPTION Support; Special Ingredient: You; EDUCATION Mini-Offices; ART Learning How to Draw; UNIT YAK Turtle 101; MINI UNIT Mary Cassatt; TEENS My Top Five

Vol 7 #29: June 06: FRONT PORCH SWING The Bread of Life; Bread Recipes; Unit Yak; Online Forum; WEEKLY WAKEUP Comparisons; And The Garden She Grows; Healthy, Fun Bread Recipes; FOOD Mommy, Iím Hungry! & Recipes; TEENS Letís Talk Sex!: The Birds and the Bees; PROVERBS 31 Working Delighted Hands; ADOPTION A Heart Like His; Before You Adopt; EDUCATION Support for Support Groups; ART Studying from Nature; UNIT YAK Patriotism in Art; MINI UNIT Pierre-Auguste Renoir; HOME A Framework for Family Fun; EDUCATION Keeping Track: Homeschool Yearly Records; TEENS Stereotypes; REVIEW Botany Adventure!

Vol 7 #30: Aug 06: Turtle Adventure!; Living Life on Purpose Series: CDs of Kym's Talks; Bird Unit Information; FRONT PORCH SWING The Dream: Remodeling; WEEKLY WAKEUP Do It!; TEENS When Can I Date? PROVERBS 31 Merchant Ships: Bring Food from Afar; FULL QUIVER Our Faith; PASTOR'S WIFE Finding Our Place; ADOPTION Legal-Ease; Kids Quilting 101; REVIEW Victorian Sewing & Quilting; ART Evaluating Student Artwork; UNIT YAK Vote for Credit; Zoo Adventure!; MINI UNIT Carl Larsson; CREATION SCIENCE A Creation Camp; TEENS Stars in My Eyes; FOOD Super Summer Salads & Recipes


Vol 7 #31: Oct 06: Learn & Do Unit Study Questions & Answers & REVIEWS; FRONT PORCH SWING Refreshing: Mediterranean Refreshment & Cuisine; e-Couragement from Kym: Unit Yak, Weekly Wakeup, and The Motherís Journey; Women: Living Life on Purpose CD Series & Books: Children & Chores, Family Meals, Moms Mentoring Moms; WEEKLY WAKEUP Haven for the Hurting; WEEKLY WAKEUP Godís Provision; PROVERBS 31 Groceries the Wright Way; FOOD Sweet Smells of Autumn; TEENS Bridging the Generation Gap; PASTOR'S WIFE Keeping First Things First; PROVERBS 31 Rising Early - Another Side; Saying Goodbye to Your Wife; ART Studying Art History; UNIT YAK Making Units Yours: Just a Leaf; MINI UNIT Michelangelo; COLLEGE Get a Jumpstart on Life! TEENS Pageant Prep: Hair, Makeup & Tech; Pennsylvania Honeymoon: Amish Wright Fotos

Vol 7 #32: Dec 06: FRONT PORCH SWING The Merriest of Christmases; Sudoku; Wright Photos; Microscope Adventure! Q&A; Volunteer Unit Q&A: e-Couragement from Kym; UNIT YAK Introduction to Microscopes; Microscope Adventure!; REVIEW Microscope Adventure!; Letters From around the World; Kymís Talks: Moms Mentoring Moms, Family Meals, and Children & Chores; PROVERBS 31 The Garden; HERB 101 Mommy as Healthcare Giver; PASTOR'S WIFE Finishing Strong!; A New Beginning; The Garden; A Hot Cup of Humility; INFERTILITY Make the Exchange; ART Art Journals; A Homeschool Chrismon Christmas; SPECIAL TREASURES Obtaining Services for Special Children; TEENS Prom Prep

Vol 8 #33: Feb 07: FRONT PORCH SWING Upcoming Speaking Engagements; FOOD Healthy Snacks; Preparing for Baby #8; WEEKLY WAKEUP Godís Provision; Serving God through Serving Our Families; ORGANIZE Why Schedule?; WEEKLY WAKEUP Changing Our World; ART What to Expect of Different Age Levels; UNIT YAK Family Garden Dreams; Garden Books & Tools, Catalogs, Month-by-Month Checklist; SPECIAL TREASURES Homeschooling in the Maze of Autism; Morganís Bread Cookbook; MINI UNIT Marc Chagall; TEENS Pageant Prep: The Box; February First Aid; Burn-Out

Vol 8 #34: April 07: FRONT PORCH SWING Simplify; WEEKLY WAKEUP Picture Perfect; Whole Wheat Bread Machine Mix and Recipes; FOOD Healthy Cinnamon Buns; Simple Survival Schedule; "I'm Bored!" Danaís Wise Mother; PASTOR'S WIFE What Pastorsí Wives Wish Everyone Knew; PASTOR'S WIFE Keeping the Love in Discipline; WEEKLY WAKEUP Imaginations in My Mind; ART Multi-Level Teaching; MINI UNIT Paul Klee; Picturing a New Code for Spelling; TEENS My Experience in Romania; TEENS Prom Prep

Vol 8 #35: June 07: FRONT PORCH SWING Catching up & photos; PROVERBS 31 Big Cook; The Homemakerís Value; Time Management: WEEKLY WAKEUP Crossfire; Punching the Clock for Moms?; Time: An Irreplaceable Commodity; Commitment to Sisterhood; SPECIAL TREASURES Train Them Up: Discipline for Special Needs Children; Crossfire; PASTORíS WIFE Balancing Life; ART Visiting a Museum; UNIT YAK Library Science Course for Credit; The Schizophrenic Faculty; PRESCHOOL Occupying Preschoolers; GIFTED What is Giftedness? TEENS Pageant Prep: Technical; FOOD Milled Flour from Whole Grains & Recipes

Vol 8 #36: Aug 07: FRONT PORCH SWING Kym on HSLDA sharing about Booster Shot!; Kym speaking, Chantelle singing; BOOSTER SHOT; PROVERBS 31 Keepers of the Wardrobe; EDUCATION The Best Year Ever!; The Best of Efficient vs Effective; Mothers & Sons: Journey to Manhood; WEEKLY WAKEUP In Charge of Many; ART Teaching Art in the Classroom, Pt 1; UNIT YAK Homeschoolers & the Church Library; TEENS Apprenticeships: Building up the Rťsumť; CREATION SCIENCE In the Beginning of Time; GIFTED Perfectionism in the Homeschooled Child; A Good Government Program? Library for the Blind

Vol 8 #37: Oct 07: FRONT PORCH SWING AFRICA: I Will Give the Nations; PASTOR'S WIFE Do I Look the Part?; Lobby from Home; Time Management: Vision, Restraint, Peace; A Biblical Perspective of Time Management; ADD: A Neurodevelopmental Approach; WEEKLY WAKEUP Fight or Flight; WEEKLY WAKEUP Mommy Gets a Life; PRESCHOOL Little Ones Underfoot; ART Teaching Art in the Classroom, Pt 2; UNIT YAK Writing Your Churchís History; SPECIAL TREASURES Hope for Parents of Special Needs Kids; Civics: Caught not Taught; GIFTED Appropriate Challenges for the Gifted Child; Response to Criticism

Vol 8 #38: Dec/Jan 07-08: MEN Parenting into the Twenty-Somethings; FRONT PORCH SWING Plight of Working Mothers; WEEKLY WAKEUP A Busy Year; Susanna Wesley's 16 Rules of Parenthood; The Heart of John Wesleyís Journals; Books & Reviews about Susanna Wesley; Confessions of a Penny Pincher; WEEKLY WAKEUP The Small; Letís Have a Christmas Pageant!; PRESCHOOL Prepare for the Preschool Road; Swashbuckling with the MUST-kateers; GIFTED Flexibility in the Homeschool; CREATION SCIENCE Christmas & Creation: There is a Parallel; FOOD Holiday Stress Buster: Meals & Tips & Recipes

Vol 9 #39: Feb/March 08: WEEKLY WAKEUP Reports; FRONT PORCH SWING Our New Home; Window Treatment Worksheet; Decorating Pictures; Hope in Trying Times; WEEKLY WAKEUP Our Daniels; Nightmares; UNIT YAK Public Speaking 101; Speech Books; Speech Checklist; Success with Handwriting & Spelling; Learning Styles: Whatís My Style?; Why are they so Important?; Burnt Out? Or Dancing in the Flames?; Keep from Burning Out in Kindergarten; Getting Stopped

Vol 9 #40: April/May 08: MEN Great News! Tax-Deductible Status; FRONT PORCH SWING More Decorating Pictures; WEEKLY WAKEUP Innocent Daydreams; Socially Deprived?; Wife & Motherhood: A Biblical Perspective; UNIT YAK Catering to Caterpillars; Caterpillar Resources; Caterpillar Websites; Go to a Convention!; SPECIAL TREASURES Down Syndrome: A Christian Neurodevelopmental Approach

Vol 9 #41 June/July 08: FRONT PORCH SWING Still Decorating: The Living Room; Felting & Machine Wrapped Cording; PROVERBS 31 Physical Strength; FOOD Kiwis & Recipes; Summer Sun Tea!; TeenPact; One Motherís Discoveries; Blessed! to be in a family; UNIT YAK Hereís to the Bard!: Producing a Renaissance Play; Preparing for an Audition; Renaissance Websites

Vol 9 #42: Oct/Nov 08: MEN Mixing Family & Work: The core of the homeschool experience; FRONT PORCH SWING Forgiveness; PROVERBS 31 Sewing for the North; FOOD Chopped Olive Salad; The Heart of Schedules; Move Where?; A Womanís Time: Joyful in Homeschooling; DEVOTIONS My Focus: Jesus or Finances; When God Transforms Homeschooling; UNIT YAK The Bard, Pt 2: Fireside Shakespeare; Shakespeare Timeline; Civics

Vol 9 #43: December 08: Wright Family Fotos: FRONT PORCH SWING Merry Christmas: Godís Gifts to Us; FOOD Christmas Memories & Recipes; Great Gain: Moving to Alaska; Nursing Chair; ADOPTION The Journey into Infertility; MARRIAGE'S Little Kindnesses Foundation; Marriage Verses; DEVOTIONS Under His Wings; Teaching Our Children The Planner Habit; The Shepherds had it Easy!


Vol 10 #44: February 09: FRONT PORCH SWING Marching Onward! More Wright Family Fotos; DEVOTIONS A Fresh Start; WEEKLY WAKEUP Ladders to No-wheresville; MARRIAGE Becoming Two Halves of a Whole; Ellaís Rules; ADOPTION The Adoption Option; ADOPTION Lay Down Your Isaac!; SPECIAL TREASURES Finding a Special Church; UNIT YAK Putting the FUN Back into Education; Unit Study Resources; CREATION SCIENCE Studying Creation Geology; Free Geology Links Online


Vol 10 #45: April 09: FRONT PORCH SWING Godís Discipline, Godís Grace; WEEKLY WAKEUP Happiness; WEEKLY WAKEUP Apology; Making Time for Projects: When Iím Feeling Overwhelmed; PROVERBS 31 Her Lamp Does Not Go Out at Night; Sled Crash; MARRIAGE Power Plays; Springtime Contemplation; REVIEW Booster Shot!; PRESCHOOL Loving Your Little Gifts from God; UNIT YAK The Great Depression; Great Depression Research Topic List; Websites; Verses for Economic Peace & God's Provision; Then & Now: Price Comparison; MINI UNIT Edgar Degas; Degas Resources & Websites; List of Works; Fast Facts & Quotes; MOVIE REVIEW Degas & The Dancer

Vol 10 #46: June 09: MEN Confronting Lies; FRONT PORCH SWING Exciting Changes; Minor Head Trauma; WEEKLY WAKEUP A Backward Glance; MAKING TIME FOR . . . God; PROVERBS 31 Stretching Ourselves; MARRIAGE Your Spouseís Hot Buttons; PRESCHOOL Summer Reads; 90-Day Trial; SPECIAL TREASURE Teaching Our Special Ones to Cook; PASTORíS WIFE Proper Care & Feeding of a Shepherd; UNIT YAK James Whistler, Timeline, Biography Outline, Resources, Quotes, List of Famous Works; Start Exploring Masterpieces

Vol 10 #47: August 09: MEN Boys will be Boys; FRONT PORCH SWING Godís Discipline, Godís Grace; Wright Family Photos; WEEKLY WAKEUP Simple Adventure; MARRIAGE Social Opposites; MAKING TIME FOR . . .Spouse; PRESCHOOL Catching the Last Rays of Summer; ADOPTION The Mystery of Adoption; SPECIAL TREASURES Special Workout; UNIT YAK Volunteering; Volunteer Organization Research Form; Volunteer Quotes; CREATION SCIENCE Visit a Science Museum; Creation Science Resource List; PASTOR'S WIFE Keepers of the House; You Never Know; The Race; MEMORIZATION: Ellaís Rules; PROVERBS 31: Reaching Out to the Poor & Needy; Proverbs 31 Cross Stitch

Vol 10 #48: Oct 09: MEN Electronics Fast FRONT PORCH SWING Family Fun; Wright Family Photos WEEKLY WAKEUP I Can!; Becoming God's DEAR HELEN Getting Honey MARRIAGE Routinely Spontaneous MAKING TIME FOR . . .Family PRESCHOOL At the Pumpkin Patch ADOPTION Infertility & Insurance; Our Angels: Mother of 100! SPECIAL TREASURES Special Chores; UNIT YAK The History of Libraries (plus FunSheetsTM) CREATION SCIENCE The Year of Darwin: A Christian Perspective PROVERBS 31 Clothed in Scarlet RECIPES Dog Biscuits; Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Caramel Apples

Vol 10 #49: Nov/Dec 09:
FRONT PORCH SWING Sharing My Passion; Wright Family Photos; Sewing Photos; WEEKLY WAKEUP Leading Manager; DEAR HELEN Encouragement for the Journey; MARRIAGE Distressed to De-Stressed; MAKING TIME FOR . . .Friends; PRESCHOOL Enjoying the Holidays; SPECIAL TREASURES Flashcards; CREATION SCIENCE Holiday Focus; PASTOR'S WIFE Pastor's Heart;  PROVERBS 31: Fine Purple Linen; COOKING Delicious Holiday Rolls; TEENS Waiting for Mr. Right; While I'm Waiting: A Teen Girl's View on Dating vs. Courtship; A Holiday Focus

Vol 11 #50: Jan/Feb 10: FROM YOUR HEART Once Upon a Time FROM MY HEART Begin WEEKLY WAKEUP The Power of Prayer FRIENDS Prayer for a 1st Child PRESCHOOL J-O-Y is Love UNIT YAK Reptiles & Amphibians; Life Skills MARRIAGE Growing Together Spiritually FOOD Vegetable Recipes ADOPTION Roller Coaster; Helping Orphans PROVERBS 31 Her Husband is Known PASTORíS WIFE Be Free SPECIAL TREASURES A Clean Room MAKING TIME FOR. . .Email

Vol 11 #51: Mar/Apr 10: FROM MY HEART Relinquishing, Receiving, Refreshing; Wright Family Fotos WEEKLY WAKEUP Burdens FRIENDS Making Soap; Simple Laundry Soap PRESCHOOL Celebrating Easter UNIT YAK The Ant, Lesson Plans, Science; FunSheets; Mapwork MARRIAGE No Plan B PROVERBS 31 Home Business PASTORíS WIFE A Hidden Sin SPECIAL TREASURES Dressing Our Special Ones FOOD Back to Basics: Whole Wheat Bread

Vol 11 #52: May/Jun 10: FROM MY HEART Seasons, Images, Changes; Wright Wedding Fotos WEEKLY WAKEUP Ego FRIENDS A Thousand Worms PRESCHOOL Nature Study; Living Out Titus 2; HOMESCHOOL Why I Homeschool; MARRIAGE Hearing Test ADOPTION Why Adopt? Foster Child Challenge MEDICAL HEALTH Organ Donation PROVERBS 31 She Smiles; Living from the Inside Out; Kid Quips PASTORíS WIFE Guarding Your Covenant SPECIAL TREASURES Decorate their Room MAKING TIME FOR. . . God, with Family; A Rebel?

Vol 11 #53: Jul/Aug 10: FROM MY HEART Introducing: Men: Living Right on the Mark; Introducing: Proverbs 31 Book: The Golden Standard; WEEKLY WAKEUP Joining the Enemy? FRIENDS Trip to Denali PRESCHOOL Charlotte Mason & Your Preschooler, Pt 1; Rearranging my Priorities MARRIAGE Being There ADOPTION Adopting Older Children; Sharing Comes Full Circle MEDICAL HEALTH Surgery; Parenting 20-Somethings. . .Still? PASTORíS WIFE The Power of a Lie PROVERBS 31 Still Smiling HOMESCHOOL Learning as I Go SPECIAL TREASURES Meals for our Special Ones; Special Resources; Special Flours; Educating Our Special Ones MAKING TIME FOR. . . Fun! FOOD To Soak or Not to Soak?
Vol 11 #54: Sep/Oct 10: FROM YOUR HEART; FROM MY HEART; WEEKLY WAKEUP Fun History FRIENDS The Best DatePRESCHOOL Charlotte Mason & Your Preschooler, Pt 2; Resources MARRIAGE When We Disagree; A Knight's Quest MEDICAL Shattering Choices; The Strength that Carries Us HOMESCHOOL Dispelling MythsADOPTION The Power of a Dream; My Best Name PROVERBS 31 Teaching Kindness Unleash Your Child's Potential PASTOR'S WIFE Feeling Forgotten? FOOD Apple Pie; To Soak or Not to Soak SPECIAL TREASURES Finding Their Passion MAKING TIME FOR. . .Volunteering
Vol 11 #55: Nov/Dec 10: FROM MY HEART Temporary Gardening WEEKLY WAKEUP Responsibility PRESCHOOL Character: Fruit of the Spirit MARRIAGE Ministering Together; I Kissed Santa Good-bye MEDICAL Physician's Assistant; Overcoming Post-Holiday Slump HOMESCHOOL Holiday Helps; Grammy Gets Free PROVERBS 31 Bread of Idleness; Behind the Shine; Ruby Facts PASTOR'S WIFE Joy Before Us SPECIAL TREASURES Teaching Our Special Ones; Tactile Ideas for Kinesthetic Learners; Dot Words MAKING TIME FOR. . . God, with Neighbors

Vol 12 #56: Jan/Feb  2011: FROM MY HEART Christmas 2010; Introducing: Proverbs 31 Book: The Golden Standard; Wright Christmas Fotos WEEKLY WAKEUP Rolling FRIENDS Backpacking Together PRESCHOOL Cooking Up Some Love FOOD Pizza, Salad, M&M Cookies; Bible Verses; Preschool Skills ADOPTION The Cost; Shaohannah's Hope; Zoe Foundation; Abba Fund; Grammy's Prayer Chair MEDICAL Midlife Depression Trigger; Stephanie's Smile PASTOR'S WIFE Confessions & Laughs HOMESCHOOL Preventing Burnout SPECIAL TREASURES Teach Geography; Geography Flashcards; Declutter! 4-Box Method to Declutter; Moving on from Your Past MAKING TIME FOR. . . Bible Study

Vol 12 #57: Mar/Apr  2011: Introducing: Men: Living Right on the Mark FROM MY HEART Our New Front Porch; Wright Family Fun Fotos; Family News WEEKLY WAKEUP Role Models; Rewards FRIENDS Let Me Show You! PRESCHOOL Cleaning Their Room INVITING GOD IN Dress Slacks MARRIAGE Making Workout Work ADOPTION Adopting Kai MEDICAL HEALTH Feelings Break Your Heart? PASTOR'S WIFE Healthy, Empowered Congregation PROVERBS 31 Blessed Mommy HOMESCHOOL Faced with Opposition SPECIAL TREASURES Special Helpers MAKING TIME FOR. . . God, with Spouse FOOD High Protein "Mini-Meal" Muffins
Vol 11 #58: May/Jun  2011: FROM MY HEART Spring & Normal Life; Remodeling Pictures WEEKLY WAKEUP Counsel FRIENDS A New Season PRESCHOOL Spending Time with Them MARRIAGE His 'n Hers Hobbies ADOPTION Bring It Home! PARENTING Guilt-Free Choices MEDICAL HEALTH 10 Things Learned in OR BEING HOME Exodus 14 Challenge PASTOR'S WIFE Life Message PROVERBS 31 Blessed Wife HOMESCHOOL Helpful Tips for Newbies SPECIAL TREASURES Beneifits of a Schedule; Making a Visual Schedule CHILDREN Puzzles: Animals & Minerals MAKING TIME FOR. . . What I Really Want FOOD Making Whole Wheat Bread & Variations RECIPES Breads: Dill, Whole Wheat, Pepper Jack & Mediterranean
Vol 11 #59: Jul/Aug 2011: Prov 31 Charming Beauties; Time with God & Friends; Anne Ortlund PASTOR'S WIFE The Best Education FRIEND TO FRIEND I Thought She was Dead MARRIAGE Dating Your Spouse ADOPTION Attachment Issues; My Mother's Hands; Q&A With a Surgeon; FOOD Kids in the Kitchen PRESCHOOL Simple Summer Fun SPECIAL TREASURES Loving Our Special Ones; NEW BOOK HOMESCHOOL Aim for Success, Not Perfection PUZZLES
Vol 11 #60: Sep/Oct 2011: FRONT PORCH SWING Rewards of Honoring Godís Word WEEKLY WAKEUP Joy & Happiness FRIEND Spurring Us On PRESCHOOL The Childrenís Hour; Good Bedtime Reads ADOPTION Adopting from Russia  BEING HOME Giving Up Me PASTORíS WIFE Grace for the Fallen PROVERBS 31 Praise HOMESCHOOL Enjoying the Journey SPECIAL TREASURES Computing to Learn MOMMING Bumps Donít Hurt Anymore PUZZLES Plants in the Bible


Vol 11 #61: Nov/Dec 2011: FRONT PORCH SWING Celebrating Family Life WEEKLY WAKEUP Get Out of Bed! FRIEND Russian River Bed PRESCHOOL Sharing Your Preschooler ADOPTION Transra-cial Adoption BEING HOME Growing a Thankful Family PASTORíS WIFE What Henry Said HOLIDAYS Create a Holiday Atmosphere; Christmas Pageant! KID QUIPS Multitasking; The Kissing Bush HOMESCHOOL When Mommyís Sick; Joy for the Journey; Perfect Gifts, Places to Give SPECIAL TREASURES Special Sports; Miracle League


Vol 12 #62: Jan/Feb 2012: FRONT PORCH SWING Happy Holidays; Wright Photos WEEKLY WAKEUP Bouquets FRIEND The Lesson of the Turtle PRESCHOOL Using Words; Check Your Message; Affirmation READING Crack the Code; Home Reading & Writing Center; Beginning Reader Activities MAKING TIME FOR Gardens; Zones; DIY: Seed Tape; Supplies; Books; Put Food By MEDICAL HEALTH Chronic Pain; Loving those in pain; What not to say KID QUIPS From the Mouth of Babes; A Song in my Heart HOMESCHOOL Overcome the Mid-Year Slump! SPECIAL TREASURES When Things Just Arenít Working


Vol 12 #63: Mar/Apr 2012: FRONT PORCH SWING Beginnings, Endings & Growth; Wright Family Fotos; Personalized Seed Packets WEEKLY WAKEUP Paycheck FRIEND Choose Joy?; Simple Sourdough Starter; Sourdough Blueberry Bread PRESCHOOL Gardening with Preschoolers; Having Fun INVITING GOD IN Free to Be You & Me MAKING TIME FOR New Moms Making Time for God KID QUIPS A Childís Heart HOMESCHOOL Interruption? Or Opportunity? Tips to Deter Distractions MISSIONS Cultivating a Heart for the World; Missionaries to Read About; Books SPECIAL TREASURES Backing Off REALITY CHECK Adventure vs Real Life


Vol 12 #64: May/June 2012: FRONT PORCH SWING The Gift of Family; Wright Family Fotos; Special Treasures Book WEEKLY WAKEUP Busy Bees PRESCHOOL Role Modeling ADOPTION ENCOURAGEMENT Spiritual Orphan MOM HUMOR I Want to Be Popular! MOMMING A Silly Sort of Stress MEDICAL HEALTH Pre-Surgery Jitters MAKING TIME FOR Decorating; Painting Supplies; Paint Types; Room Design Worksheet; Window Treatment Design Worksheet HOMESCHOOL Instilling Biblical Self-Esteem READING What is Reading Readiness? SPECIAL TREASURES Special Trips


Vol 12 #65: July/Aug 2012:: FRONT PORCH SWING Life & Gardening; Wright Fotos WEEKLY WAKEUP Signposts LESSONS LEARNED Share the Blessings; Loneliness MOTHER/DAUGHTER Letter from a Mother to a Daughter PRESCHOOL Making Music Together MAKING TIME FOR Married Children TRUSTING Iím Listening, God READING Summer Reading HOMESCHOOL Life of Excellence; Why Community Matters FOOD Putting Peas By; Blanching Bags & Tools CRAFTS Itís A Wrap!; Making a Sandwich Wrap & Small Bag SPECIAL TREASURES Special Classes


Vol 12 #66: Sept/Oct 2012: FRONT PORCH SWING Harvest, Tools; Closet Before & After WEEKLY WAKEUP Beginnings LESSONS LEARNED Power Broker MOMMING First Teacher; Mother Teresa of So Cal PRESCHOOL Attitudes are Catching MAKING TIME FOR Reading & Learning HOMESCHOOL Preparing for Departure; Top 10 Things to Teach our Children CIVICS Vote for Credit; Lobby from Home; Teaching; Civics SPECIAL TREASURES Special Creativity
Vol 12 #67: Nov/Dec 2012: FRONT PORCH SWING Personalized Napkin Rings WEEKLY WAKEUP By Her Side; Llama Fotos LESSONS LEARNED Jesus' Birth from Different Views; Peace, Joy, Love: My Holiday Journal MOMMING Mary's not the Only One with a Lamb PRESCHOOL The True Meaning of Christmas MAKING TIME FOR Making Vests HOMESCHOOL Competitive Homeschooling; Avoiding the Competition Trap; Top 10 Things to Teach our Children - Pt 2  KID QUIPS The Not-So-Nice List
  Vol 13 #68: Jan/Feb 2013: FRONT PORCH SWING Happy New Year!; Organize Prayer Life; Family Fotos WEEKLY WAKEUP Women's Lib FRIENDS Ways to Pay it Forward MOMMING The Best Mom I Can Be! PRESCHOOL Let's Play a Game!  HOMESCHOOL Building a Harmonious Home HEALTH Lifestyle Affects Health GARDEN Frosty Herbs FOOD Slammin' Jammin' Pancakes READING Read to Children: Bedtime Stories & More MONEY Children & Stewardship
Vol 13 #69: Mar/Apr 2013: FRONT PORCH SWING Happy Spring! Our House WEEKLY WAKEUP Breakfast INVITING GOD IN Praying for Bees; Suffering Savior or Living Lord; Enrich & Increase your Faith; Passing on a First-Hand Faith FAMILY Family Stories  FRIENDS Analogy of a Friend MAKING TIME FOR Daddy! HEALTH White Glove Treatment FOOD The PB&J Station PRESCHOOL Enjoying Puppet Art HOMESCHOOL Guarding the Sabbath; 5 Homeschool Mistakes READING Building Skills; Tips, Dolce Word Lists SPECIAL TREASURES  Growing Up Kind
Vol 13 #70: May/Jun 2013: FRONT PORCH SWING Family Vacation; Maternity Clothes GARDEN Expansion; 3-Sisters; Strawberry Pyramids WEEKLY WAKEUP Excuses LESSONS LEARNED Complaining 101 FRIENDS Forever? When to Let Go MOTHER'S DAY Flower Power GENERATIONS Simple Thank You; Writing Notes PRESCHOOL Encouraging Creativity MAKING TIME FOR Garden & Projects HOMESCHOOL Healthy Marriage; 5 More Mistakes READING Improve Comprehension FUN Kids' Collections

Vol 13 #71: July/Aug 2013: FRONT PORCH SWING I Love Summer! Project & Garden Pix WEEKLY WAKEUP Dreams INVITING GOD IN Unanswered Prayer FUN! Baby Shower LESSONS LEARNED UNplugged Family Fun MARRIAGE The Ultimate Calling GRAND MOTHERING The Broken Glass AT HOME A Clothesline View MAKING TIME FOR Family Projects KID QUIPS Playdough!; No Sense PRESCHOOL Let's Play Dress-Up HOMESCHOOL Family Communication; Why HOME Is the Best Place to Learn: Debra Bell, Author MONEY Teaching Kids HEALTH Organ Donation FOOD Adding Veggies to Breakfast GARDEN Planting Your Own Victory Garden SPECIAL TREASURES My Hero!

Vol 13 #72: Sept/Oct 2013: FRONT PORCH SWING Garden, Goats & Grandchil WEEKLY WAKEUP Gunk! INVITING GOD IN Build a Better Spiritual Life; Guidelines for Godly Wife LESSONS LEARNED It Takes a Village; The Lost Key; MOMMING Like Mother, Like Daughter; Mothers as Role Models PARENT Parenting Out-of-Town Kids KID QUIPS Coming of Age; Growing; No Promises PRESCHOOL Cooking with Kids HOMESCHOOL Before You Homeschool READING Strategies for Good Readers HEALTH Care-Giving GARDEN Fall Garden; Organic Matter, Cold Frame; Sept & Oct To Do Lists GARAGE SALES Intro

Vol 13 #73: Nov/Dec 2013: FRONT PORCH SWING All About Family WEEKLY WAKEUP Quilts of our Lives INVITING GOD IN Expressing Gratitude MAKING TIME TO Get to Church on Time RELATIONSHIPS Christ-Focused Christmas; What About Santa Claus?; Mary Christmas FUN! Meteorite? Or . . . Fruitcake Recipe PRESCHOOL Reading: The Gift that Keeps Giving HOMESCHOOL What Can & Cannot Change SPECIAL TREASURES Leftovers READING Christmas Reading for All HEALTH Top 10 Dermatologic Mistakes; Winterize Your Life FOOD Perfect! GARDEN Winter Gardening; Books; Nov & Dec To Do Lists


Vol 14 #74: Jan/Feb 2014: FRONT PORCH SWING Upcoming Surprises WEEKLY WAKEUP Birth of a Mother MAKING TIME FOR Room Organize Laundry  MARRIAGE Giving In MOMMING Mother's Intuition RELATIONSHIPS Cultivate Compassion; Travelling Pants PRESCHOOL Manners Matter; List; Set a Table; Napkin Folding HOMESCHOOL Stand Out from the Crowd; Avoid Burnout SPECIAL TREASURES The Hugger READING Biographies & Lists HEALTH Layering; TV: How Much is Too Much?; Depression Help & Symptoms FAITH Memorize Scripture; Pray w/o Ceasing FOOD Hammered Coffee Beans GARAGE SALES Locating the Best; Internet Safety; Books KID QUIPS Making Payments

Vol 14 #75: Mar/Apr 2014: FRONT PORCH SWING Springís Coming MARK Survival WEEKLY WAKEUP A Motherís Prayer MAKING TIME FOR Garage CleanUp  MARRIAGE Personality Differences MOMMING Our Pregnancy Journey & iPhone Apps PARENT POWER 3 Principles GUARDING the GATES Entertaining Angels, Protecting Against Wolves / Identity Safety PRESCHOOL Focus HOMESCHOOL Sleep is a Waste of Time; Purple Grass & Green Ants UNIT YAK Turtle Adventure! READING Just Right Books SPECIAL TREASURES What Can Morgan Do? HEALTH: FOOD Honey MEDICAL Communicate w/ Drís Office SAFETY Bike Tips VACATION 1 Big Field Trip GARAGE SALES Whatís the Difference? GARDEN Early Spring Gardening CELEBRATE Easter

Vol 14: #76 May/Jun 2014: FRONT PORCH SWING Adding & Multiplying MARK Provider WEEKLY WAKEUP Belief System MAKING TIME FOR Decorating PARENT POWER Respect MARRIAGE Making Life Fun! MOMMING Project Nursery; Motherhood Joy GUARDING the GATES Car Prep; Leadership PRESCHOOL Birds UNIT YAK Bird Adventure! HOMESCHOOL Making the Most of Summer READING Evaluate Skills COLLEGE Distance Learning SPECIAL TREASURES IEP Easy as P-I-E HEALTH Nausea Remedies GARDEN Sweet Potatoes, Soil Temp Guides

Vol 14: #77Jul/Aug 2014: FRONT PORCH SWING Harvest MARK Dealing with Disappointment WEEKLY WAKEUP Fast Track HIDING the WORD Psalm 91 MAKING TIME FOR Family Fun PARENT POWER Obedience MARRIAGE 40 Tips MOMMING Bringing Baby Home GUARDING the GATES Whatís Trending PRESCHOOL Clean Habits UNIT YAK Unit Studies = Family Unity BIRTHDAYS Donut Day GENERATIONS Preacher & Inventor HOMESCHOOL 4 Secrets: Transform Your Homeschool READING Independence COLLEGE UnConventional College Credit SPECIAL TREASURES Count Your Blessings HEALTH Healthy Smoothies & Recipes GARDEN Greens, Onions, Garlic & a Garlic Bag

Vol 14: #78 Sept/Oct 2014: FRONT PORCH SWING Autumn, Travels, Harvest MARK Faith? or Denial? WEEKLY WAKEUP True Comfort MAKING TIME FOR Bathroom CleanUp MIRACLES 57 Cents PARENT POWER Responsibility LEARNED Listening Effectively MOMMING Traveling Ideas GUARDING the GATES Safety Plans NEIGHBORS Famous? PRESCHOOL Moneyís Value & Power UNIT YAK A Year of Cooking w/ Children HOMESCHOOL Keeping Track; 4 Must-Have Books CIVICS Americaís Christian Heritage HEALTH Cooking as Mom-on-the-Go & Recipes MONEY Cut Expenses; Budget Birthdays

Vol 14: #79 Nov/Dec 2014: FRONT PORCH SWING Happy Holidays MARK Goals WEEKLY WAKEUP Showcase MAKING TIME FOR Inner Peace PARENT POWER Responsibility; Role Models SPIRITUAL Kung Fu MOMMING Flying w/ Babe GUARDING the GATES Secure Shopping HOLIDAY Bright Ideas HOMESCHOOL 7 Skills READING Build Babyís Library HEALTH Build Immune System

Vol 15: #80 Jan/Feb 2015: FRONT PORCH SWING The Fight is On! MARK Coming Home Ö Again WEEKLY WAKEUP Power of Goals HIDING the WORD Armor of God PARENT POWER Corporal Discipline; Help Kids Believe MOMMING Cruising GUARDING the GATES Sheepdog LEARNED Self-Control HOMESCHOOL 7 Things We Did as a Family; Meeting the Needs of Homeschoolers; Gifted Children & Charts; Let It Snow! Science Experiments ETIQUETTE Letter Writing HISTORY St Valentine HEALTH 11 SuperFoods




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